May Newsletter

Below you will find information related to the program and writing in general. Please send your updates to me at

–Karen Alea Ford

Registration for Summer Session closes May 25th. It starts June 1st and lasts until August 31st. $1,000. Feel free to email me with questions.

More info HERE


Two of our mentors, Bill Brown and Jeff Hardin, along with former student Tiana Clark, will be part of Scarritt-Bennett’s Poet’s Corner.

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Bill Brown: “I have the feature poem for the May issue of Nashville Arts Magazine announcing my May 22 reading at Scaritt-Bennett’s Poet’s Corner. My new book, Elemental, is due out in September. I lead late summer and fall workshops at Orr Mountain Winery and Chattanooga Writers Guild. I’ll be the keynote speaker for the Christopher Newport University Writers Conference in Newport News VA. Feb, 2015.”

Linda Busby Parker: Linda’s busy schedule

May 20, 2014    Guest speaker for the Medical Society of Mobile County.  Program title: “Creative Imaging:  Fact to Fiction.”

June 8, 2014   Speaker at Springhill Presbyterian Church in a series of twelve programs titled “An Ever Rolling Stream:  Expressions of Faith through the Ages.”  My topic is “Spiritual Writing:  Connecting Past, Present, and Future.”  Other speakers include the Poet Laureate of Alabama, a couple of art historians, musicians, and specialists on religious architecture.  This should be fun!  Nothing like stretching your wings—right?

May 28-June 23    I will be teaching a “special topics” course at the University of South Alabama titled “Plots and Storylines: Narrative Structure.”  This course will be taught on the accelerated semester—a whole semester taught in slightly less than a month!  Double sessions five days a week—it’s a sprint, not a marathon.  I’ll run fast for four weeks!

Have a review of Roy Hoffman’s novel, Come Landfall in the next issue of 2nd and Church—this issue should be out soon. Mentoring in The Loft this summer.  Looking forward to that!  Meanwhile, continuing to read and write.

Alumni and Students:
Margie Hunter: Two poems have been accepted for publication in Number One, the journal of Volunteer State Community College. “Smoky Jazz” and “Summer Tomatoes.”
Amanda Moon: Stealing the Ruby Slippers releases on May 13! Physical copies can be ordered through my website or through Amazon, digitally it’s available exclusively through Amazon for the first three months, then will be in all of the other outlets.

Jared Canning is out of money and out of time. His gambling debts are due, and his creditors are not the kind that grant extensions. An old friend offers him a job: break into a small town museum, steal a pair Ruby Slippers Judy Garland wore in the Wizard of Oz, and share the profits when they are sold to a buyer in New Orleans.
On August 25, 2005, Jared pulls off the heist perfectly.
The next day, Jared watches Hurricane Katrina slam into New Orleans. His buyer, and his money, are gone.
Jared has a creditor with a thirst for blood on his tail, the police knocking on his door, and the most famous shoes in the country hidden in his dirty laundry. He needs to outsmart a sexy, scheming girlfriend, a drunk buddy who saw too much, and just possibly himself in order to find his way out.
Stealing the Ruby Slippers imagines wild possibilities for a real life mystery, blending fact and fiction to keep you guessing until the last page.



Gloria Ballard

Ashley Loar

Jeff Hardin

Leisa Hammett

Jennifer Chesak

Michael Potts
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Charlotte Dixon Rains

Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor

Emily Davidson Nemoy

Kory Wells

Candace White


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