Meet the Mentors

men·tor /menˌtôr,ˈmenˌtər/ noun 1. an experienced and trusted adviser. For Harry Potter, there was Dumbledore. For Frodo Baggins, there was Gandalf. For Luke Skywalker, there was Obi Wan Kenobi. Every great character has a mentor alongside them to guide them through a long yet rewarding journey. A mentor is someone who pushes us to reach … More Meet the Mentors

Registration Now Open!

Each Fall, MTSU Write celebrates its mission by hosting the Creative Writing Conference on the MTSU campus. The Conference brings together students, mentors, alumni, and members of the community for breakout sessions, a keynote, lunch, and graduation to recognize those students who have completed three trimesters with the program. This year’s conference will be held … More Registration Now Open!